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The Story


Struggling with the ability to be in a lasting relationship, Helen Haig-Brown begins to question where this lack of skill and inability to commit comes from.  On her journey Helen discovers that we learn to bond, attach and love from our relationship with our mother as a child.

Helen Haig-Brown’s Legacy follows Helen as she explores the often tenuous relationship between a mother and daughter. Through a colorful blend of live-action footage, animation and verite-style interviews, Helen confronts the troubled relationship with her mother Maria, a survivor of years of abuse in residential school, and how she herself has been shaped by an inability to love in her upbringing.


Through understanding her mother’s own experience of trauma and disconnection that shaped her approach to motherhood, Helen finds forgiveness and healing of her own childhood with her mother. This healing lays to rest the deep seeded fears of mistrust, abandonment and feelings of worthlessness that many carry from the legacy of residential school. Despite the various traumas experienced by the women in her family, Helen’s story is ultimately that of love and forgiveness as she highlights the strength and beauty that has carried on in the Tsilhqot’in people.  


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