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Legacy Interactive is an online community dedicated to honouring, healing, renewing, and transforming our Indigenous legacy. We strive for this to be a safe space. Our hope is to encourage sharing that leads to healing in its many forms.

The creation of the community was inspired by award-winning Tsilhqot'in filmmaker Helen Haig-Brown's ongoing documentary project Legacy, of which the TV series will air on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network in Fall 2013. She introduces her personal story and the legacy of her ancestors in the article "Renewing, Healing, Honouring, and Transforming Our Legacy."


We welcome you to read and contribute through articles, groups, and conversations dedicated to the themes:


Regenerating Culture and Knowledge for Health and Strength

    • Women’s life cycle: puberty, birthing, mothering, marriage, menopause, death.
    • Men’s life cycle and roles.
    • Spiritual guidance and teachings.

Regenerating Health and Strength

    • Healing the heart, healing the family, healing women, healing men, healing the land, healing through art, expression, ceremony, and whatever other means.
    • Self love, love of others, love of the land, love of spirit.

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